Friday, April 27, 2012


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Tonal value sketch of Spawn, using GIMP Paint Studio.

Spawn is a comic book superhero who appears in a comic book of the same name, created by Todd McFarlane.

Synopsis: Al Simmons, a former Marine Corps soldier, was recruited into a special division of the CIA. But while on the job he often butted heads with his boss, Jason Wynn, causing Simmons to formulate plans for resigning. Wynn ordered Al's assassination and Al was sent to Hell, due to his life as a mercenary, and made a deal with Malebolgia: Al would be reborn as a Hellspawn.

The sketch was painted using a hard edge round brush with low opacity (~40%). I used S_Splats2 and T_Texture6 brushes for the ground. The chains were painted with the help of the Z_Chain1 brush.

Software: Gimp + GPS
Hardware: HP TouchSmart tm2-1020EP
Spawn Wikia - The Home of McFarlane Toys

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