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Hi! I'm using this post for help a fellow artist by letting you about his work.

Cartoon caricature of Johan Cruyff.

Here's an example of a cartoon from a photo, draw by GoCartoonMe cartoonists. Cartoons are so popular these days, so many people want to see how their cartoon looks like. Digital cartoons are useful in many ways, for example, you can use your cartoon as a profile picture, ads, printing on t-shirts, framing or surprising your loved ones.

You can find a variety of free and premium services online, but one thing remains the same: there's no better drawing than the manually made one. So in this article, we'll put our focus on the premium services. We'll make a little review of the GoCartoonMe service. Here are some points that make GoCartoonMe stand out among its competitors:

  • the service is cheap, currently, they have the most affordable prices online
  • all cartoons are manually drawn by hand, using a graphic tablet and a drawing software(Photoshop).
  • the results are high quality, with an option to be traced into vectors at no extra cost (vector cartoon).
  • delivery is quite fast, usually in 2-3 days (1-day delivery is possible, with a previously contact made).
  • express support, no matter if it is a question, project discussion or a modification request.

So, if you're looking for a professional cartoon of you, look no further. Give it a try!

Software: Krita Hardware: Intuos 5 M

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